Forte da Cruz's construction , located on the Tamariz beach, dates back to the XVII century during the reign of King Filipe the Third of Portugal and the Fourth of Spain. The Fort was part of the coastal line defense fortifications starting at the beach of Abano and stretching to the beach of Caxias, which were built to defend from the invasion of an enemy who wanted to invade the Capital.

Its original name was "Forte da Cruz de Santo António d'Assubida" and had the purpose of crossing fire with another fort, that no longer exists, called "Forte de Santo António." This strategy made it possible for the beach to be secure and protected from eventual enemy landings.

Nowadays, the monument is called Forte da Cruz. It was purchased from the state in the XIX century, more specifically in 1894 by the great grandfather of the current owners, who at the time kept the tradition of following the King and his court every year during his summer holidays to Estoril and Cascais. By then it had become a fashionable trend to swim in the sea, a special retreat combined with the therapeutical waters that existed in the area...

When the previous Fort was purchased, the new owner hired renowned artists to restore and transform the Fort into a house "with modern comforts". The architect reflecting the late romantic era of the time designed the house combining the elements of a tuscan castle, and the fort’s original military destination creating a special landmark that fits perfectly in its unique setting.
With its privileged location and its astounding view, Forte da Cruz has become an icon and a point of reference for Estoril, publicized and known worldwide.